Construct futuristic cities in this cross-genre city-building artillery game!

You control an advanced gun that can shoot cryo-dust capsules for building construction. Use it to build your cyberpunk city.

The gun is capable to teleport to other places with teleport capsule (it costs 5 ore to do so - use Up and Down to select the capsule type).

The city is periodically got hit by meteors, that create rubbish and destroy buildings (they can hit the gun as well, leaving you without some of your ore!). You can’t build a new building on rubish! Use destroy capsule to get rid of those.

You start the game with a single Scoop that collects ore from meteors when they hit it. You can build additional scoops, but it costs 50 ore and require a lot of free space.

Left-Right Arrows - aim the gun

Up-Down Arrows - change type of capsule to shoot

Hold Space to charge and release to shoot

Shift - shoot automatically with the force of the last charge

< > - move camera

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