A cybergrid is under attack by a nasty virus program. Can you get rid of that virus with your advanced anti-virus hypercube weapon?

The infected terminals are red. Each of them spawns virus cubes, infecting regular terminals nearby. So, the more infected terminals around, the faster virus infection is spread.

Regular terminals are blue. These are the ones that can be infected. When a regular or an infected terminal is touched by the anti-virus cube, it turns green and is considered cured. It even spawns some anti-virus cubes around, so it helps you to control the virus.

There is also a special kind of system terminals marked as yellow. These are part of the cybergrid operating system and can't be infected. The system terminals spawn blue cubes you need to consume in order to refill your anti-virus charge.


Use WASD or Arrow Keys to move.

Press Space to fire a hypercube.

Use Escape to jump to the next level.

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