A 7DRL Challenge Game.

Fight misterious infection that spreads over the island. 


WASD, Cursor keys or vim's HJKL - move around

Q/E, Brackets, PageUp/PageDown - select an item

Space, Enter, Right Shift - drop an item

+/- to zoom text in and out

Backslash - hide side panel

P - pause the game

Ctrl/Alt/Meta + T - auto time progression

Ctrl/Alt/Meta + F - ultra-fast progression

F7 - download an island map snapshot

F8 - get a screenshot

Available Runes

To build a wall, place the stones in the following pattern:




Stones in () are optional and you can place as many as needed.

You can orient that pattern in all 4 directions (to build up, down, left and right)

To build a guardian:





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It is fun, crafting walls took a bit to get right but I was able to figure it out.

only issue is ctr+t and ctr+f for time progression don't work for me because they are bound to the new tab and find on page functions of my browser.

Thanks for the feedback!

Yep, the time progression mapping is a messed up one - most of functional keys are already mapped and Ctrl/Alt ones are also occupied. I probably should have prevented defaults...

For now, these are also mapped to Alt+ and Option/Meta+ - so could work with other modifiers instead of Ctrl. I've omitted that from the description to simplify things.