You start alone with $0 and an ambitious goal to control the city.

It is time to gain some respect on the hood!

Travel between metro stations and look for money and respect.

Beat out money from locals and other gangs
and persuade them to join your cause!


Supports local coop!

Use gamepads or any of available keyboard layouts.

1st Player:

Cursor keys: movements and jump

Left Shift/Enter: punch or dash

': block

2nd Player:

WASD: movements, jump and block

F: punch or dash

H: block

3rd Player:

Numeric 4 6 8: left-right-jump

Backspace: punch

0: block

4th Player:

X-C-Z: left-right-jump

N: punch

period: block

Hold punch to gather the party and exit at the nearest metro station.


  • A station is captured, when your gang has more money then others
  • You can split you party on the final screen if you won the station with left-right (how many are going to the metro and how many are left behind)
  • Move with punch to dash several mobsters at once!
  • AI takes control of inactive players - if nobody plays, the game goes into rolling demo mode


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Watch Game Jam Feedback 2019-10-27 from MrJoshuaMcLean on

Thanks for the review and quality feedback! Learned some valuable tips from it :)

No problem! Glad the feedback was useful. :)